Partnering with e-General Contractors Insurance for Employee Leasing can help the bottom line of your company and protect the well being of your employees through a full range of administrative solutions.

We can take care of your Human Resources and free up time for you to grow and improve the important operations of your company.  Employee Leasing is a temp services, instead it offers a full scope of HR services from recruiting to benefits administration.  When you partner with us for Employee leasing you do not have to put time in dealing with payroll or negotiating rates with benefit providers.  Spend the extra time and money on building your business instead of managing your business.

Employee Leasing services offer more in depth wide range of employee services for their clients.  With a unique co-employment relationship they are able to offer affordable options to small and medium size business.


Human Resource Management

Small and large businesses, plumbers or general contractors, have human resources work that has to be done.  Regardless of the size or industry of the company the business moves and grows because of the performance of your employees.  Not having to worry about HR allows you to focus on your company, control costs, stay in state and federal compliance, and receive huge discounts on benefits.

Payroll Management

Managing company payroll can be a huge challenge for every business owner.  State and federal regulations make it so hard for the small business owner to keep track of the ever-changing laws.  If you are unable to keep up with these moving regulations then you are subject to fines. Working with a payroll specialist can save you time, money, and help keep you compliant.

Benefits Administration

Keeping up with your employees’ benefits can be time-consuming and tedious process for small business owners when also managing the more important operations of the business.  Outsourcing critical benefits administration  will not only reduce your cost but can also improve the experience of your employees.  Partnering with a larger company for benefits can greatly reduce your insurance costs.  Since larger companies have more buying power with insurance companies, they are able to get lower rates and better coverage.  With an Employee Leasing service you are able to take advantage to their buying power. You can team with an Employee Leasing Service to save on health insurance, Liability Insurance, and Workers Compensation Insurance.

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